CV. Wijaya Sakti

Our company is a Supplier / Distributor of: various kinds of cables such as Army Cables, Power Cables, Cables Marine (Marine Cable). Since the company was founded we have cooperated with various companies in Indonesia in various fields of industry, companies and ship repairing.

We always try to serve our consumers with excellent, competitively priced, quality products and timely delivery process, for we are the obligations in running our business activities.

The products that we are trading always puts quality and competitive prices, with a wide range of products such as:

* Cable Marine (brand distributors Yuanyang & Changzhou) whose function is to
1. Power and Control Cables
2. Power and Control Cables with copper wire braiding
3. Instrumentation, control and telecommunication cables
4. Instrumentation, control and telecommunication cable with individual shields
5. Fire resistant power and control cable with copper wire braiding
6. Fire resistant instrumentation, control and telecommunication cables

* Electric Cable / Power Cable (brand JEMBO, YUNITOMO, ETERNA, KABELINDO, Extrana, MULTI, pulung, SUPREME, ARIES and SMI, with various sizes and kinds of wires NYA, NYAF, NYM, NYY, NYFGBY / NYRGbY / Nyby, NYMHY, NYYHY, NYCY, BC, ACC, AAAC, ACSR, YSLY, LIYCY, etc.

We give priority to customer satisfaction, we have always tried to provide the product - reliable products at competitive prices.
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Jl. Kendangsari YKP III Cluster Ivory Residence A-6 Surabaya 60292
Jawa Timur , Indonesia